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Fairhaven Solution? Turn Off One Turbine on Winter Nights?

July 2, 2013

With more than 70 residents in attendance–some pro-wind-development and others concerned about resident safety–Fairhaven’s Selectmen heard the proposed mitigation plan. Ariel Wittenberg, reporting for South Coast Today, said developer Sumul Shah believes that turning off one turbine will do the trick:

Three members of Fairhaven Wind LLC met with selectmen Monday night to submit a “mitigation plan” and explain what developer Sumul Shah described as the “extreme step” of shutting off one turbine per evening.

Tests conducted by Fairhaven LLC and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection last week confirmed that shutting down one turbine overnight would ensure the turbines do not exceed state noise regulations, Shah said.

Shah’s presentation to selectmen was required because the board put the developer on 30-day notice for violating the lease by violating state noise regulations. The overnight shutdown of both turbines was mandated by the Board of Health, which will have to review any mitigation plans before they are put in place. The health board will meet with Fairhaven Wind at a July 15 meeting.

While Shah’s presentation had the sound of compromise, it again pits economic interests against residents’ health. Wittenberg did not gather any comments from wind neighbors who were in attendance.

Selectman Charlie Murphy said he is interested in whether the developer’s plan would be “a way we will not have an economic impact on the Town of Fairhaven and still allow people to have a good night’s sleep.”

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  1. July 2, 2013 8:17 am

    Any proposal by FW to mitigate the noise must include a means for the town to police the situation in the event of future complaints.

  2. July 2, 2013 7:59 am

    Last week the wind was light. The wind turbines were operating at less than 20% of capacity, making little to no noise.

    It took the DEP a year to test the full range of wind directions and speed. How can a night of light wind produce credible results?

    One wind turbine was found out of compliance in Falmouth 1,320 feet away.

    A truly independent study is sure to find violations occurring both day and night with either turbine in operation.

    Exceeding to FW’s proposal only serves to continue the agony of those impacted by the wind turbines.

    This is not a credible response and needs to be rejected!

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