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Ray Hartman Debunks DEP Panel in RI Testimony

June 9, 2013

Submitting a thorough critique of the 2012 MassDEP “expert panel” report, Ray Hartman demonstrates the fallacy of using those findings to justify wind turbine siting. In his statement to the ZBA for Whalerock Wind Turbine hearing in Charlestown, RI, Harman details the report’s inadequacies:


  • The Panel who authored the Study was not independent.
  • The Panel who authored the Study is no more expert than the many scientists whose research the Panel peremptorily dismissed.
  • The research design of the Panel is fatally flawed.
  • The Panel failed to implement the appropriate statistical methods to test for the occurrence of IWT-induced adverse health effects.
  • The Panel failed to use readily available and most relevant data for experimental sites in New England.
  • The Panel cherry picked 5 research studies and ignored countless others.
  • The Panel failed to fully report the findings of the limited number of articles upon which it did rely. A more complete reading of these articles reveals scientific findings of adverse health effects.

Raymond Hartman is Director and President of Greylock McKinnon Associates (GMA), a consulting and litigation support firm located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a mathematical economist specializing in microeconomics, econometric and statistical modeling and the study of industrial organization.

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