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Is Going Green Destroying Lives? Special Report from Albany

April 28, 2013
On Monday (4/29/13) Fox23 News Albany runs a 10:00 pm special report Is going green destroying the lives of locals? Taryn Kane reports on the promoters and the victims of wind turbine development.
To nearby residents, the effects can be life-altering, whether they’re in the vicinity of the Hoosac Project in Western Mass. or the Hardscrabble Project in Herkimer County, NY, (near Utica). “It feels like my brain is vibrating,” according to Michael Fairneny in Florida MA:
“It’s a constant ringing and buzzing in the ears and I am head-achy in the back of the scruff of my neck.”

“It sounds just like a prop jet outside the house,” says Keith Dillenbeck, a dairy farmer in Herkimer County. He says wind energy is not only affecting his health, but the health of his animals as well.

“I never had this happen before until they erected the windmills,” says Dillenbeck.

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