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Kingston Strobing Stalls Daily Life

March 16, 2013

The video posted by Bradford Randall for the Kingston Journal captures the Leland Road  experience by “Going Inside Kingston’s Shadow-Flicker Zone.” As the strobing light flashes around the room and across his face, Dan Alves responds to the reporter’s question: what would he say to someone who claims he is a NIMBY.

My wife was trying to make a cake on Saturday and she couldn’t finish it because of the flicker… You can’t concentrate, you can’t read a book, you can’t read the paper, you can’t relax. I couldn’t go out  in my back yard right now and just do normal everyday activities. If they had it in their back yard, I don’t think they’d be happy. And not only that, I think they’d be looking for support–as we are–from other residents in town who really don’t realize what’s going on.

Even with the venetian blinds shut, the strobing is invasive, slicing into the  bedroom of the 14-year-0ld resident of the house who has epilepsy. Alves reminds his son to leave the room during the hour-long episodes of pulsating turbine shadow. When the parents are not at home, a neighbor has been enlisted to watch out for the youth.

The Kingston Board of Health has scheduled a hearing for April 1, 2013, according to Charles Mathewson, reporting on 95.9 radio WATD-FM. In her reporting (“Kingston Board of Health requests state help” 3/15/13) Kathryn Gallerani captured the town’s disarray as residents questioned the Board of Health’s lack of action. Meanwhile the two other board members directed Chair Casna (also the Selectmen Chairman)  to pursue action the board had voted at a previous meeting.

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