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A Kingston Group’s Facebook Shuts Itself Down

January 27, 2013
"Independence" turbine looms over residential Kingston neighborhood.

Photo credit: Kerry Kearney

by Joanne Levesque

Several months ago a Kingston resident created a Kingston Wind Turbine group Facebook page. Its stated purpose was to provide a forum to discuss the “pros and cons” of the wind turbines in Kingston.

During the week of January 20, 2013 a great deal of information was posted to this page:

  • The 2008 Sewer Commissioner’s letter listing all the valid and legitimate concerns and stating its opposition to the wind turbine,
  • The Falmouth Wind Turbine Options report and the resulting selectmen’s meeting with related videos,
  • Information on the recently-filed “Wind Energy Relief Act ” with a call to communicate with Sen. Murray and Rep. Tom Calter (who represent Kingston),
  • The Mass CEC letter from early July 2012 stating whatever testing they will do will NOT be compliance testing, (with a request for residents to support the call for DEP compliance testing),

and more.

One impacted resident posted all sorts of information and posed very direct questions. He also added one or two negative comments about the Green Energy Chairman.

After several days of eye-opening posts, the administrator for the wind turbine Facebook page, Sarah Ciccolo Asnes, decided to shut the page down. Her rationale, posted on the Kingston Town FB page says,

To all: The Kingston Wind Turbine group is no longer available. This group was originally set up long before there were any health issues for our fellow neighbors. It’s intent was a sharing of views both pro & con, as the discussion was taking over this wonderful group. I hope that you all will continue to support your Kingston neighbors as they work tirelessly to mediate a solution to the issues with the Independence turbine.

Observers in Kingston say the Facebook page only appeared after the resident complaints began and the takedown appears to confirm the pro-wind intent of the page.

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  1. joanne levesque permalink
    January 28, 2013 9:32 am

    Another recent post to the Kingston Facebook page was a full copy of the minutes of a March 2008 Kingston Green Energy Committee and New England Renewable Energy Lab presentation to Kingston town officials. The minutes from that meeting included the following information:
    “A 1.6 MW turbine would have a 300 meter radius where you would not
    want anyone living within this area. Noise would be a concern inside this area… They
    were mainly located in isolated areas with no buildings and roadways in close proximity.”

    please note :300 meters = 984.25 feet The closest homes in Kingston are approximately 650 feet. Also the Independence turbine is not a 1.6MW, rather it is a 2MW Hyundai and it sits well above surrounding elevation by 50 or more feet, making it in excess of 450 feet above the homes that sit just 650 feet away. The home shown in the picture that accompanies the story is approximately 960 feet away…within the distance of 300 meters as testified to back in 2008 relative to a less powerful wind turbine.

    A good deal of information has come out to prove that there were cautions and concerns, and yes some town officials did raise these concerns yet the project was pushed forward. This information, posted in a public forum, no doubt provided the impetus to shut the Facebook page down.

    In addition, letters to the DEP dated June 27, 2012 from the Kingston Board of Health requesting Mass DEP assistance with sound sampling to investigate “complaints of excessive noise generating form the wind turbines in town”. This added information provides a window into the fact that there are legitimate questions and concerns from impacted residents as to why that request has not been acted on. In other areas of concern the DEP does an admirable job in responding to public health emergencies.

    Is there a case for negligence as residents are forced to continue being exposed to excessive noise and flicker while local and state authorities stonewall and avoid making any timely efforts to place resident health and safety as their highest priority?

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