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Under Advisement–Outcome of Scituate Turbine Hearing; No Action in Kingston Either

January 14, 2013
UPDATE: Although the judge denied the McKeevers’ request to shut down Scituate turbine operations, their plight has been noted. Like many abutters who receive compensation for living with the nuisance of a wind turbine, the McKeever’s had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Usually gag clauses prevent wind neighbors from publicly disclosing the health effects.
Photo Credit: Malcolm Donald

Photo Credit: Malcolm Donald

Sufferers in Scituate will have a longer wait while the judge hearing the suit in Plymouth Superior Court on January 14th ponders the arguments of the McKeever family who is suing the Scituate Board of Health. Other residents and interested people from Falmouth attended the hearing, according to Jessica Bartlett reporting for (Fate of Scituate wind turbine uncertain, after hearing with judge).

Tom Thompson, who represents a group of Scituate residents who say they are also suffering from the turbine, also attended the hearing.
“Clearly the town, even members of the Board of Health, has been primarily focused on the economic impacts of the town. There hasn’t been enough concern regarding the health-related impacts of anybody,” Thompson said. “it’s been a dollars-and-cents discussion so far.”

Doreen Reilly represents neighbors at Kingston BOH hearing 1/14/13.Photo Credit: Louise Grabowski

Doreen Reilly represents neighbors at Kingston BOH hearing 1/14/13.
Photo Credit: Louise Grabowski

Later in the day in Kingston, during a 3-hour evening hearing before the Board of Health, “No shut down vote tonight” was the Tweet from Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts member Louise Grabowski. The Board plans to ask the developer to provide a response.

Wind turbine in Scituate, Mass., generating anxiety is the story NECN reporter Julie Loncich filed about the Superior Court hearing.

“The McKeevers and their children have been suffering from sleep disturbances, headaches, extreme fatigue, nausea, dizziness, ear pressure and pain, anxiety and difficulty concentrating,” said attorney Tanya Trevisan.

Attorneys for the town argued the family hasn’t proved the turbine is causing irreparable harm. What’s more, they said that uncovered documents over the weekend — showing the McKeever family signed a confidential agreement with the company that owns the turbine, Scituate Wind LLC – said they were paid $20,000 not to contest or challenge the permit.

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