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Wind Wise Radio hosts Laura Israel, Judi Hall, Hall Graham

November 11, 2012

Laura Israel joins Harley Keisch and Lisa Linowes to talk about the award-winning film “Windfall” and its reception in the European Union.

Also, Judi Hall and Hal Graham of Cohocton Wind Watch will be talk about their experiences and the problems with Clippers–the turbines deployed by First Wind in their rural farm community in western New York. Follow CWW on Facebook.

Lisa and Harley will also discuss the federal Production Tax Credit outlook now that  election results are known.

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  1. May 23, 2013 3:52 pm

    Post May 21, 2013 election feelings in Falmouth by a family devastated by the Falmouth wind turbines.
    Apparently $800 per household over 20 years was too much for Falmouth residents to pay to remove the Town’s Wind I and Wind II turbines. They would rather the minority of 40 to 50 households located too close to the gigantic power plants sacrifice even more of their lives in the name of renewable energy. To me this is the straw that broke the back of the fairy tale of Falmouth being a great community. There has been no pulling together to solve a problem, but simply a “too bad for you” attitude that wrings any remaining tears from this resident. After my 19 months combat service with the Marines in Vietnam I expected to lead a calm and productive life in my home country the U.S. of A. Thirty four years of mistrust of society later I was rescued by the VA only to be sucked under by the people of Falmouth which I had chosen as a tranquil place near the sea to raise my family.
    This vote is a huge slap in the face to those who trust their communities to provide a reasonable buffer against the ills of society. Falmouth is as sick as any community. Money over health is the statement its citizens have proclaimed. I have already purchased a home in a foreign land with a peace and tranquilly Falmouth will never have. A problem is that I cannot move my entire family. My children and grandchildren are here. This town has torn me apart.
    If people had really done their homework they would see the futility of renewables in the face of ever decreasing oil and natural gas prices. The time for renewables is not quite yet. In so many other countries I have seen first hand how they have converted their vehicles to burn natural gas and even more important is to see and realize their conservation of energy. The United States is MESSED UP. Where is our intelligence? Why are we so far behind?
    Let us wake up and utilize and economize where we can. I believe we, the U.S.A are in like 25th place.
    Barry Funfar

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