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Move Deadline to October 1st–Let New Englanders Really Comment

August 28, 2012

Flying below the radar is the proposal to coordinate among the New England states the purchasing of electricity from renewables (i.e. industrial wind). Comments on the draft  Work Plan are due by Friday 8/31/12.

If you are bothered by this timeline:

  • resolution adopted July 30
  • draft released August 10
  • comments close August 31

consider emailing NESCOE* and cc:ing the governor and the representatives appointed to this process:

  • Governor Deval Patrick , Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Dwayne S. Breger, MA Department of Energy Resources (
  • Heather Hunt, Executive Director NESCOE (

*The New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE) website is the low key host for the announcement (under Coordinated Competitive Renewable Power Procurement Draft for Comment”).

Send this message to to extend the public comment deadline to October 1, 2012:

Dear Micki Bertrand:
I am writing in response to NESCOE’s request for comments related to a Coordinated Competitive Renewable Power Procurement Draft work plan. I was only made of aware of this issue in the last week.

As a ratepayer residing in the New England region, I have significant concerns relating to the cost of any plan involving government procurement of new renewable energy and its attendant transmission. I intend to offer detailed comments on NESCOE’s draft work plan; however, the deadline of August 31, 2012 is unreasonable.

Unless it is NESCOE’s intent to discourage public comment, I strongly urge the Committee to extend the deadline for public comment to October 1, 2012.

Please let me know as soon as possible whether the Committee will be honoring my request.

Thank you very much for your attention to this important matter.
Your Name
Your City/Town, MA

This email is a coordinated effort among New England state wind groups to send a consistent message to NESCOE–the organization that the New England Governors have asked to put out an RFP for renewable energy, which of course means mostly big wind.
Read about the plan by the New England governors at CivSource “New England governors push for bulk procurement of renewable energy” (8/21/12). CivSource also has another Bailey McCann article about the near-demise of industrial wind power (“Wind energy in the US on the brink, job losses cloud the horizon” from August 16th).


NESCOE is a not-for-profit organization representing the collective interests of the six New England States on regional electricity matters. It is directed by Managers appointed by the six New England Governors and advances policies to provide electricity at the lowest possible price over the long term, while maintaining reliable electric service and environmental quality. 


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  1. wind4sail permalink
    August 31, 2012 12:12 pm

    Necoe has posted a reply to reasonable request for deadline extension, that comments be received in first two weeks of Sept. in order that they can still meet the Oct. 1 deadline set by their governors appointing them. Issues raised in the draft such as susceptibility to anti-trust violations seem worth pursuing. Despite the letter’s reassurance that any project responding would meet rigorous state and local permitting requirements, we all know what that means for renewables, especially wind energy in.Massachusetts. Perhaps the comments could at least include what

    • wind4sail permalink
      August 31, 2012 12:28 pm

      Part 2:
      What should be in a real and balanced environmental assessment for wind turbines on humans and wildlife, including evaluation of the wind resource for consistency of speed and direction (quality), avoidance of locations with excessive wind shear and turbulence which increase the probability of intolerable low frequency amplitude modulation, avoidance of atmospheric conditions such as temperature inversions that promote propagation of infrasound, etc. etc.

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