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Wind Wise Radio interviews: Canadians on Health Study, Folks in MI, NJ, VT

July 22, 2012

WWR will interview Carmen Krogh and Barbara Ashbee about this open comment period for the planned study to “explore the relationship between wind turbine noise and health effects reported by, and objectively measured in, people living near wind power developments.” This is a joint effort of Health Canada and Statistics Canada.

Carmen Krogh is a retired pharmacist with more than 40 years of experience in health. She has held senior executive positions at a major teaching hospital, aprofessional association and Health Canada. She was a former Director of Publications and Editor-in-chief of the Compendium of Pharmaceutical and Specialties (CPS), the book used in Canada by physicians, nurses and other health professions for prescribing information on medication.  Carmen has written and spoken extensively about the social and health impacts of industrial scale wind turbines.  Carmen serves on the Board of Directors of The Society for Wind Vigilance.

Barbara Ashbee and her family were forced to abandon their home when their health suffered after huge turbines were sited too close.  Barbara has been advocating for wind turbine victims for years.


In Michigan,WWR will speak to Josh Van Camp to find out more about a wind association’s (Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association) advise to government employees to delete emails related to a potential recommendation to lower Michigan’s noise level limit for wind turbines

In New Jersey,  WWR will speak to Bill Heller about the injunction issued Wednesday to halt construction of the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority’s wind turbine.

in Vermont, WWR will speak to Luke Snelling (executive director of Energize Vermont) about the discrepancies between Governor Shumlin’s assessment and the facts on the ground at Lowell Mountain, protesters attempted to block the delivery of turbine parts.

The winners of last week’s Green Illusions drawing will be announced!

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  1. July 24, 2012 9:09 am

    Click to access Tri-Town_ORR_Preliminary_Site_Analysis.pdf

    The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) took over the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.

    Please see page 14 under NOISE. The MTC a semi quasi state agency has been aware of two types of wind turbine noise for a long time.

    The two types of noise are (A. Regulatory compliance) and (B. Human annoyance.)

    The URL above shows on page 14 the full knowledge of two types of noise. This is the study done Mattapoisett,Marion & Rochester just prior to the Falmouth award of the two commercial wind turbines. The study was done between 2004 and 2007 . Many other towns have acknowledgment about Human annoyance sound what is called infra sound today.

    The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative is the state’s economic development agency for renewable energy.

  2. Chris Kapsambelis permalink
    July 23, 2012 9:29 am

    What happened in Michigan is very similar to what happened in Massachusetts. The governor’s czar on energy crafted a model bylaw on siting industrial size wind turbines (400 high) as close as 600 feet from where people sleep.

    Click to access wind-by-permit-companion.pdf

    This was quickly adopted by most Massachusetts towns who were anxious to take advantage of the many subsidies and free revenue incentives these projects provided.
    Unfortunately for the governor, early wind turbine installations, like the one in Falmouth, MA, produced a large number of complaints related to wind turbine noise that disrupted sleep and a new health issue known as Wind Turbine Syndrome believed to be caused by infra sound and barometric pressure waves generated by the turbines aerodynamic properties. The complaints for the last two years have been so serious that local authorities have been rejecting new projects across the state, bringing the governor’s plan for 2,000 megawatts of wind power by 2020 to a standstill.

    The governor’s response is the same as what is going on in Michigan. The governor wants the elimination of local control on wind turbine siting (WESRA, WESRA light). Even though his own czar created the problem by crafting the faulty state model bylaw, we are now told that what we need is state standards on wind turbine siting that will give his czar the authority to overrule any local objections.

    This is the same czar that caused the problem in the first place. Local control is a long held tradition in New England, and we are determined to reject the governor’s blatant attempt to shove these monsters down our throats ruining people’s health, quality of life, and destroying property values.

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