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Wind Wise Radio Presents Real Farms and Wind Farms

July 8, 2012

Sunday at 7:00 pm July 8, 2012, Wind Wise Radio addresses the impacts of industrial scale wind on agriculture.

Guests include Australian Anne Gardner, Kim Schertz from Illinois, Kevin Ashenbrenner, and Wisconsin State Senator Frank Lasee.

Anne Gardner is from Southwest Victoria in Australia. Anne and her husband Gus raise some of the finest merinos in the world and are being impacted by a massive industrial wind development.

Kim Schertz from Hudson, Illinois discusses groundwater problems in fields, GPS effects for tractors and aircraft, crop dusting dangers, the impacts on share croppers/tenant farmers and and other issues.

Kevin Ashenbrenner will talk about his experience with turbines impacting his livestock.

Wisconsin State Senator Frank Lasee will describe his recent efforts to address the concerns about the health and well being of folks located too close to industrial-scale wind turbines in his state.

Here is a bit of his recent op-ed:

How would you feel if you and your kids started feeling sick? What if you, your wife, or your kids suddenly started having headaches, earaches, nausea, dizziness, and couldn’t sleep well anymore. In your own home.
And you knew it wouldn’t go away?
This is the experience some people have when Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT’s), they’re nearly twice as tall as the state capitol building, and some are built too close to people’s homes. Wind turbines aren’t necessarily a bad thing; we should just make sure they aren’t making people sick.Some people experience very serious symptoms like high blood pressure, tinnitus, ear pressure, vertigo, visual blurring, heart arrhythmia, irritability, problems with concentration and memory, even panic attacks when they are near IWT’s. They emit high levels of low frequency noise which makes people sick. When these people are not around IWT’s, their symptoms vanish. It’s not hard to connect the dots.
At least three families from my district have abandoned the homes where they were raising their children and planned to retire because IWT’s have made them sick. These houses sit empty now, no one wants to buy them, and these families are stuck paying two mortgages.
You may be asking yourself, why are wind farm developers allowed to build IWT’s so close to people’s houses.
So close that it makes them sick? Why doesn’t the government prevent this?

WWR hosts Harley Keisch and Lisa Linowes will be asking Senator Lasee what he is proposing to help answer those questions.

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  1. July 9, 2012 7:48 am

    Portsmouth High School Wind Hearing Tonight

    The Portsmouth High School, Rhode Island wind turbine has been broken down for several months. The turbine is three years old. This was the first Megawatt turbine in Rhode Island and the first to have a major failure.

    The Portsmouth Town Council meets this Monday night July 9,2102 . Representatives from Portsmouth, RI  spoke at Fairhaven and other SouthCoast ,Massachusetts cities and towns at local wind turbine meetings in favor of commercial wind . This turbine has been held up to the public as a trophy making all kinds of money . Three years is a very short life span for a three million dollar wind turbine.

    The Green machine is seeing RED .

    This year $40 billion dollars worth of commercial wind turbines will come out of their warranty period. The Portsmouth turbine is out of warranty .Very few cities and towns can afford commercial wind turbines when they are out of warranty – Where is the news media reporting of the Portsmouth, RI wind turbine fiasco ?

    Click to access 127838.pdf

    Old Business – Monday night July 9.2012   7 PM

    Item # 6. Request to Receive an Update on the Wind Turbine Generators Status and Effect Possible Action

    Portsmouth RI local blog site :

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