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Wind Wise Radio-Tehachapi, CA and North East Kingdom, VT

July 1, 2012

Tehachapi Turbine Trouble —  Penny Melko will be on the program from Tehachapi  to talk about the impacts of replacing small, older turbines with monsters.  Are they really less impactful?  The show will talk about planned future developments in that area.Tehachapi is notable for avian issues.  It is the most likely area that California condors will be killed and has the world record setting golden eagle killing wind power plant.

Time out in the North East Kingdom of Vermont.

We are pleased to be joined by Kenn Stansky, the president of the Northeastern Vermont Development Association Board (NVDA).  The NVDA just voted, almost unanimously, for a 3-year moratorium on wind development in the north east kingdom (NEK) area. WWR will ask Ken about what this means for the NEK now, what prompted the vote and why it received such strong support.

Regular listeners will recall that State Senator Joe Benning called for a moratorium at the state house during the closing days of the last legislative session.  He is planning to do so again when they start back up.  Click here to listen to the program when WWR interviewed Joe.

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