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Must-watch Video from Down Under

June 9, 2012

This news video from South Australia hits all the issues with industrial wind development–and shows the cost of abandoned homes on individuals and a community. A 5-minute follow-up report the next night describes the strong interest viewers had in the initial report.

  • They are not environmentally friendly.They do not reduce greenhouse gases.
  • In addition to being  very expensive, they are an add-on to our system for providing eclectic power .
  • They are a drag on the economy.
  • The annoyance and ill effects they cause is for nothing in return.
  • Large numbers of birds and bats are dying for nothing.
  • They cannot and will not replace fossil fuel
  • You cannot trade the health of wind turbine abutters for those affected by fossil fuel.
  • The money wasted on wind can better be spent researching for real alternatives.
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