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Industrial Turbines Produce Noise Pollution — DEP Finds Smoking Gun

May 16, 2012

The Boston Globe has finally taken notice of the noise pollution produced by industrial wind turbines. David Abel writes, “The state Department of Environmental Protection, in a long-awaited response to Falmouth residents’ complaints about noise from two turbines, released a report Tuesday finding that one turbine less than 1,500 feet from the nearest home repeatedly exceeded allowable noise levels.”


The questions for towns like Falmouth are:

  • What are the fines for exceeding noise levels?
  • Because the turbines were pushed by state agencies, is the town on the hook for costs or will the state step up?
  • Are other turbines sited near residences being tested and is the same protocol being used?
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  1. Chris Kapsambelis permalink
    May 16, 2012 7:12 pm

    Wind I in Falmouth was found to be out of compliance with MassDEP noise regulations at a distance of about 1,800 feet. The Vestas V82 has a sound power rating of 103 dB(A). Any wind turbine with a sound power rating equal to or greater than 103 dB(A), closer than 1,800 feet from your house has to be out of compliance.

    Folks in Fairhaven and Kingston with houses closer than this should demand immediate shut down!

  2. Chris Kapsambelis permalink
    May 16, 2012 5:39 pm

    As is explained in the noise page of this website, sound consultants have been misinterpreting the state’s noise regulations as applied to wind turbines. Noise Reg. 310-CMR-7.10 limits noise to no more than 10dB(A) ABOVE ambient sound. Consultants have consistently claimed that a 10dB(A) increase IN ambient is what is called for. After more than two years of complaints, MassDEP has clarified the situation comparing the MAXIMUM value of sound with the turbine running to the ambient sound level with the turbine OFF.

    Anyone investigating wind turbine sound studies should look for the phrase “increase in ambient” and challenge the study on the basis that it no longer conforms to state protocol.

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