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Falmouth Board of Health to hold public hearing on turbine impacts

May 8, 2012

Testimony will determine whether action by the Board of Health is warranted.

Falmouth, MA – Tonight Falmouth’s Board of Health voted unanimously to hold a public hearing on Thursday May 24th to solicit testimony from Falmouth residents suffering adverse health impacts from anywind turbine in the town.   Based on that testimony, the Board of Health will determine if a health emergency exists and take whatever action is warranted.

Board discussion began with correspondence from Day Mount concerning the exacerbation of his heart condition due to the operation of the wind turbines.   Kathy Mount, his wife, spoke to that letter and presented yet another finding this by a Decision of the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) ruling that the debate should not be whether wind turbines cause harm but how far away from residences wind turbines should be sited.

In addition Kathy Mount read and submitted another letter from both her and her husband suggesting that the Board shut down the turbines and have the state make a determination as to whether the turbines are safe to operate.  This opened discussion amongst the board regarding how to proceed knowing that “health complaints have been being registered for two years now and that they don’t seem to be going away”.

Board members seemed moved by the number of people moving away to eliminate the harmful exposure.  A resident in attendance at tonight’s meeting informed the Board that one wind turbine neighbor had recently attempted suicide.

After considerable thoughtful discussion the Board voted unanimously to hold a public hearing to fully document just what the adverse health impacts are so as to determine whether an unsafe health condition exists and whether action by the Board is warranted.

The Board is requiring written testimony for its assessment of the health impact.  Residents will have until May 31st to make their submissions.  However, the May 24th hearing will allow residents a three minute opportunity to speak to that testimony.  Check the Falmouth Enterprise for the legal announcement for more details.

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