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Direct Impact Presented by Wind Wise Radio

April 7, 2012

Direct Impact: Talking with victims of IWT. Neil Anderson, Barb Ashbee, Richard Braithwaite, and Gerry Meyer — Listen to Sunday’s webcast

WWR spoke with the victims of industrial wind from different regions and projects.

Neil Anderson hails from Falmouth, Massachusetts and has been a leader in the effort to tell the story of the many families in Falmouth who have been severely impacted by the turbine know as Wind One. Wind One is located at the town’s wastewater treatment plant a little more than 1300 feet from Neil’s home. As many as 50 families have been impacted and they have managed, for now, to get the turbine turned off.  Neil was an advocate of the turbine before it turned on and started to impact his health.  In fact, his career was focused around home efficiency measures. Both his and his wife’s health have been impacted adversely

.Barbara Ashbee was forced out of her Amaranth, Ontario home by the siting of industrial turbines too close. Barbara could easily count 15 turbines from her yard. Her experiences with the local and provincial government is scary and disturbing.

Richard Braithwaite lives in Keyser, West Virginia and was one of seventy-five neighbors who signed a petition seeking a solution to the noise coming from the Pinnacle Wind project.  He purchased an inexpensive sound meter and routinely registers 60 – 70db outside his home. As he says, “Let them bring their thousand dollar machine and take their own readings.”  The wind developer has paid lip service to the complaints and is installing, of all things, a muffler!

Gerry Meyer lives in the 86 turbine Forward Energy project in Brownsville, Wisconsin that was erected by Invenergy of Chicago.  There are 5 – 400’ turbines within ¾ of a mile and 11 within a mile of  his house.

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