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Senate to vote on Production Tax Credit measure (S2204)

March 26, 2012
The Senate voted against closing debate, killing a vote on Production Tax Credit measure (S2204). Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) filed S2204, extending a host of renewable energy tax breaks including the wind PTC and ARRA Section 1603. The bill paid for itself by eliminating tax benefits available for the oil industry. (Read why BP is supporting the PTC for wind.)

Senators heard from us again.

Voting Nay: Senator Scott Brown, Washington: (202) 224-4543; Boston: (617) 565-3170; Springfield: (413) 788-2693

Voting Yea: Senator John Kerry, Washington: (202) 224-2742; Boston: (617) 565-8519; Springfield: (413) 785-4610

Sen. Scott Brown co-sponsored S2201, a similar measure that does not have off-setting funds to pay for it. Sen. John Kerry has always voted for the tax credit, believing wind is part of a renewable energy strategy.

The tax credit — set to expire at the end of the year — provides 2.2 cents credit per kilowatt-hour of energy produced in the first 10 years of a wind-energy facility’s operation.

Tax credits, grants for development, and other incentives are keeping this dying industry alive as country after country abandons development of onshore wind plants. Subsidies for Big Wind are wasteful spending.

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