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Doctors Hanning and Laurie on health impacts and DEP “expert” panel’s professional responsibility

March 19, 2012

Dr. C. D. Hanning,  a U.K. specialist in sleep medicine, joined others submitting comments to the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection regarding the “expert panel” report. In a letter, Dr. Hanning states “The panel has indulged in an entirely paper exercise…” and “I conclude that this can only be regarded as a cursory examination of the subject.”

The duty of the panel, and the medical members in particular, was not to exonerate wind turbines but to protect the public. It is to be regretted that they have not done so. The report should be rejected.


The dismissal of the many thousands of anecdotal cases is entirely inappropriate. Such cases are the bedrock of epidemiological investigations and… they provide prima facie evidence of a clear causal link between wind turbine noise and adverse effects. “

Dr. Hanning’s submission addresses the specifics of what literature the panel chose to include or leave out, comments on the significance of “annoyance” and noise pollution, and reiterates the physician’s responsibility from the Hippocratic Oath–“‘I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.'”

Dr. Sarah Laurie of Australia’s Waubra Foundation echoed Dr. Hanning’s view on the personal responsibility medical doctors and other health personnel bear in considering the siting of industrial wind turbines:

I urge each of the authors of that report to carefully read my report, and then revisit the issue, and consider the implications and their individual personal responsibility in continuing to ignore the plight of residents in Massachusetts, and elsewhere around the world, whose health is being seriously damaged by large industrial wind turbines when they are located too close to residential areas and workplaces.

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