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Shelburne Speaker Series concludes but WWR continues

March 2, 2012

Michael McCann on loss of value and Robert Rand on noiseMichael McCann on real estate values and Robert Rand on acoustics this Saturday, March 3, 2012, in Memorial Hall in Shelburne Falls, MA at 7:00 pm.

Industrial wind turbines have real and adverse impacts. Declines in property values spell reduced income for communities. Noise impacts drive neighboring residents away. Learn how these factors affect places where turbines have been sited.

The program is free and open to the public.

The next episode of Wind Wise Radio (WWR) is Sunday Night 7-8pm Eastern Time and will feature “National Wind Watch’s Eric Rosenbloom and David Roberson on WWR.”

Wind Wise Radio is honored to be joined by the president and vice-president of National Wind Watch , Eric Rosenbloom and David Roberson, for aconversation about their experiences at the center of the struggle against Industrial Wind in the U.S.National Wind Watch on Wind Wise Radio

Since 2005, National Wind Watch (NWW) has been a indispensable resource providing a central clearinghouse for information and assistance to individuals and local groups seeking the facts about industrial wind power.

Listen to past shows at Wind Wise Radio — last week’s edition featured An Alternative Vision for Vermont.

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