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Study Findings Whitewash Health Impacts

January 18, 2012

The wind science panel has released its findings on the MassDEP website where a brief summary precedes a link to the study itself. As expected, the report denies the existence of Wind Turbine Syndrome, and also disputes the recent findings in the McPherson low frequency noise study. The panel does call for further research. But rather than delay siting until studies are done, it calls for education, incentives, setback guidelines and compensation. “The Panel suggests that the public be engaged through such strategies as education, incentives for community-owned wind developments, compensations to those experiencing documented loss of property values, comprehensive setback guidelines, and public education related to renewable energy” (p. ES-13).

“This whitewash is no surprise” was the response of WWMA steering committee member Eleanor Tillinghast. She went on to say, “We knew from the beginning that DEP’s report would be politically motivated with a predetermined outcome.”

“This panel was not independent, its work was not conducted in public or with any ongoing involvement by the public. Everything was done in secret, so who can take this report seriously?” asked Barry C. Cosgrove, also of Windwise ~ Massachusetts.

WWMA again calls for an epidemiological study of those people living near turbines where adverse health effects are being felt.

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  1. Stephen E. Ambrose permalink
    January 18, 2012 4:55 pm

    Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears

    These are thoughts and ramblings of an aging man who has outgrown the good times of his generation. Aging eyes look upon the world, only to see the future reflections of society’s disappointments. Ears hear the vocal cries of life’s despair, a constant din of complaints that no one hears. Why is this?

    All are too busy to stop, to look, to listen to the passage of life’s time. Life was once cautious, to be safe, whenever crossing railroad tracks there was a pause to stop, to look, to listen. Now there are crossing flyovers; trains and cars can speed along without a need for us to stop, to look, to listen. We do not need to go away to see the world, too much hassle, too much waiting, too many people. We write quick notes to each other, rather than sharing a good conversation. We now listen to people we do not know, who make a living telling us what we do not know. Why is this?

    I sit here at home, living with the encroachment of society into my land of peace and tranquility, so others can feel good about themselves. Now, I have to live with noisy neighbors, people and things; making unreasonably loud sounds; intrusions into my once life of quiet enjoyment. I try to complain to others, yet there is no one to stop by for a friendly visit with me. I ask for help, yet no one comes to look at what has happened to me. Finally, I cry out, yet no one wants to listen anymore. I am left alone, an outcast from many. Why is this?

    Have others’ determined that my quality of life has no value. Please tell me, can a person who has no concern for me, really make a truthful assessment of my ruined life, my loss of well-being. I need a sincere visit with a long stop at night, a good look at me, and careful listen to my emotional despair. I need you to visit me on my bad days when the winds are strong. I can have a meal brought in to share, since I can no longer cook a decent meal. Strange it is that I always find myself under stress at home. Where did my personal sanctuary go? Why is this?

    I will leave my home; abandon a dream gone badly. I need to go away, to pause for a deep breath. Then, far away in search of needed relief, soothing relaxation, live out life’s expectation before a deep everlasting sleep. Why is this?

    Wow, my life away feels better, yet I still miss my dream. My mind comes back to life as if living in younger years. Why is this?

    Should I understand what everyone is telling me? Is it because my life has not been peer-reviewed? This is why I need to stop, look and listen to the noisy whirlybirds. Why is this?

    By; Stephen E. Ambrose, 31Dec2011
    Personal reflections after living near a
    wind turbine during a windy weekend.


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