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“Wind Chill” front page article in Boston Herald

July 28, 2011

Reporter Christine McConville let Herald readers know that all is not right with the drive to site turbines in Massachusetts in her front page story Winds of fear over turbine plan. The petition campaign launched by Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts and confirmation that the state has convened an expert panel are the subject of the article

Eleanor Tillinghast (a Wind Wise board member) is quoted, “There is so much evidence from around the world now on the adverse health effects of living near wind turbines that we believe the state should act responsibly to protect its citizens.”

And otologist Dr. Steven Rauch from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary concurs that study is in order because “We know that in the animal kingdom, low frequency sound can cause harm, so it is not unreasonable to consider that same consequence in humans.”

WWMA calls for a moratorium on turbine siting until the panel’s review is completed.

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