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Wind turbine health and safety review

July 12, 2011

Join the more than 200 people from over 50 towns who have added their names to the petition for a review of the health impacts of wind turbines. The petition asks the Massachusetts Commissioners of the departments of Public Health and Environmental Protection to forward to the expert panel it is convening materials submitted by the petitioners.

The petition also asks for meetings of the expert panel to be public, and for the panel to include one of the people whose health has been impacted by wind turbines.
The panel is expected to review public health and safety standards near wind turbines. The petition urges the panelists to consult information and research from independent experts, engineers, and health care professionals rather than materials produced by individuals or organizations that have a financial interest in the wind energy industry.

Sign the petition online by July 17th.

In addition to adding your name to the petition, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR OWN LETTER TO THE MA DEP. Please write even one or two sentences expressing your concerns.

Letters are due JULY 21, 2011.

Address your letter to:

Kenneth Kimmell, Commissioner of MA Department of Environmental Protection

John Auerbach, Commissioner of MA Department of Public Health

Send to: WindTurbineDocket.MassDEP@MassMail.State.MA.US or or by regular mail to MassDEP Wind Turbine Docket, 1 Winter Street 4th Floor Mailroom, Boston, MA 02108.

As per the document from DPH:

MassDEP, “in collaboration with …[Mass DPH], is in the process of convening an expert scientific panel on potential health impacts associated with exposure to wind turbines. The product of this Expert Panel will be a written report which includes the results of the panel’s review of available scientific peer review literature, as well as other reports and articles on the nature and extent of potential human health impacts, and will specifically include:

  • The identification and characterization of specific attributes of concern (e.g., noise, vibration and light flicker) and documented or potential human health impacts;
  • The magnitude and frequency of potential human health risks associated with the design, construction and operation of existing wind turbines;
  • Documented best practices that could reduce documented or potential human health risks.”

Click to sign by JULY 17, 2011 —

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  1. Caroline Berg permalink
    September 29, 2011 1:21 pm


    I heard recently that wind energy is actually the most polluted of the green energies and is not so healthy a practice at all. Apparently, engineers use a bunch of toxic chemicals to produce the blades of wind turbines, which I’m guessing leak into the atmosphere… Anyway, I’m fuzzy on my information and was wondering if anyone could help me clarify this issue: what exactly are wind turbines made out of?


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